In the beginning

It seems a long time ago that I was rushing from my apartment around 9 pm, finishing the last things I could to leave the place I have lived for two years. I didn’t have time to eat or finish the bottle of vinho verde I bought to try and make this all somehow more enjoyable. I was exhilerated by the thought of my adventures to come, but overzhelmed entirely by the enormity of the change I was making. It seemed my whole life was passing by, taking one train while I took another, leaving everything I have come to care about.

I got my things down the stairs to the waiting taxi after hastily scribbling a note to the new occupant of my former abode. Once inside, I finally began to breathe, and at last, to eat. A picnic of cornichons and leftover cheese and crackers from the last dinner party I gave in my apartment. The wine was good and I slugged it from the bottle in lieu of any other option. The airport, when I arrived, was full of people waiting on their flights – there had been a delay due to weather, but my flight was only a little late. Eventually, we boarded and I passed out – weeks of burning the candle at both ends caught up to me.

Too much too tell about Paris now – it will have to wait for cheaper internet access 🙂

Love and miss,



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