last day in paris

quitterie and william and i spent a laid back day yesterday in seignosse. it was overcast and a little rainy all day. then we went to walk around cute capbretton a few towns over and watched the sunset over the cote d’argent.

they got me to the train station just in time to get on. little did i know that this was not the normal french sort of train with swanky food and wine – rather, it was devoid of anything at all. nothing but a coffee machine, which i was not eager to drink, as i wanted to sleep through the night as best i could. this semmed imminently possible, until our train got to lourdes (the place famous for a spring supposed to have the virgin mary’s healing powers). suddenly the peaceful train was full of noise. everyone stuffed in. i got to sit next to the snoriest of snorers and it was like borrowing someone’s husband for the night. had to keep elbowing him.

regardless, made it to paris for a day of visiting notre dame, playing my banjo uke by the seine, eating falafel, going to an archaeological museum, and generally strolling.

now time to fly. see you soon, nyc!!!

love and miss,



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