yosemite and sequoia

4 mile trail hike

well i finally got out of the bay and to yosemite on my 31st birthday! it was fun hanging with ruth and cameron, but kitty allergies and changing seasons compelled us to drive. we picked up some necessaries and got there in the afternoon after a lovely winding road and a chance meeting with a couple of european travelers in a rental camper van, daniel and silvia.

after julian and i set up our camp, we met our neighbors and made a fire and relaxed until our new friends found us and ended up making my impromptu birthday party larger and cheerier. the moonlight filled the pine forest we camped amid. my 3rd full-moonlight camp of the roadtrip. not bad!

next day julian and i went for a hike up one side of the valley, affording great views of the rest of it. the weather could not have been better!

looking toward el capitan

the valley looking northeast

north dome, methinks

the whole valley!

that night we went to find our friends and ended up eating yummy veggie soup with them by their campsite. they had just seen a small black bear trundle by, but we never saw one. we had soup and chai and nice fireside conversation – it was cold at night! another moonlit one.

we invited them to join us for dinner the next night.

next day, feeling the strain of the hard walk the day before, we took it easy and walked along the mirror lake trail, which is pretty flat. the lake was dry since it has been summer, but it is really a creek anyway and the bed was filled with monolithic granite boulders. great view of half dome, which i read the natives of the region called tissack – after a mythic woman and also, apparently, meaning split rock.

the face of half dome – tissack

view from mirror lake

we went to the ansel adams gallery, a shop, more like, and got some things for dinner from the very well stocked yosemite store.

i was making a black bean and vegetable stew with couscous for dinner. our friends came over and we made friends with our neighbors, and older couple, who came over after dinner and jammed with daniel and i. later other neighbors joined us and our fire roared late into the night.

we left early the next day to get back to the city for a dj gig julian had. i had caught a cold and wasn’t feeling well. the next day was halloween and we decided to stay, but not before i told him i needed to move faster than we had previously planned, and needed to go it alone. as the months stretch out, i am tired of all the movement a bit, and the weather has shifted in california.

ponyo and ginger loving it up at ruth and cameron’s

i headed out the next day toward sequoia national park. i had thought of camping there, but this late in the season, it was empty and mostly shut down. i drove through and saw the amazing giant trees – including the general sherman – a sequoia that is the largest tree in the world!

lost grove

lost grove – big burn hollow!

general sherman – 2,200 years old!

twin trees

i kept on driving and was making good time till construction meant two long pauses, which at least allowed me to admire the sunset.

sunset over sequoia national park

i headed down from the mountains to visalia california, where my friend alexi is from. it was a charming stop after a day of skipping meals and driving winding roads. i had yummy indian food and grabbed a cider before going to a motel for a night in a bed, for a change.

i just discovered how cool having a card reader built into your laptop is! thanks, apple 🙂

ok – i must wrap this up. i’ll let you know where i end up next time!

love and miss,



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