and away we go!

i am writing this post from the airport in sarasota, where it is a beautiful day outside, though i am dressed in jeans and long sleeves with a sweater and jacket at the ready. i am heading north!

back to the city i left for the last time in august. it is almost five months to the day since i was at the airport in paris getting ready to return to this continent, to new york – at least for the weekend. so much has happened since then: going to burning man, yosemite, the grand canyon, pueblos, memorials for my sister, visiting friends all over, going hang gliding, even bathing in the fountain of youth. i’ve watched the seasons change around me, but i must say that most of my changes have been internal ones. a lot of thinking and time alone, time with nature, time removed from the schedule of 9-6 and time reclaiming my brain for my own purposes.

the last two months have been a heavenly respite from my constant motion. it is true, i am tired of having no place to call home, even though sarasota feels very like home to me. it feels like i’ve been here more than two months – thinking back to my arrival in november, it seems like eons ago – i’ve gotten to spend time with my niece and nephew, my sister, my mother, my father, my grandmother, a couple of aunts, an uncle, and several cousins. i’ve reconnected with old friends and had fun in this quiet little town, recording music in my happy little studio, writing songs, working diligently and joyfully at elysian fields. it is a good equalizing place, helping me get back to the place of equilibrium i try to inhabit at all times, but which has been hard to maintain with the roller coaster life i have been leading since september 2011.

love and miss! boarding!




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