away we go (part deux)

my alter ego, kira lyra, when i played at sullivan hall in nyc

it was in the 30’s when i got to the city on wednesday afternoon. i was making great time – and jet blue had let me bring my beautiful and precious little guitar as carryon – despite having rules to the contrary. hooray! i got my checked bag, packed with puffy coat and leggings and nearly anything long-sleeved i could produce after 5 months of mostly summer-climates. and i just made it to a cab without losing my arm. gray gray day, drizzly contrast to the sarasota brilliance of blue and white and green.

the taxi ride was long, traffic at 2 pm! i got to my old haunts in west 4th and left my things at the music inn for a moment as went to collect the key from the laundry down the street. the owner and the delivery man are almost always there, and always remember me, though i haven’t lived on this street since 2010! i went back to the music inn, where the chill, white-bearded owner was admiring my guitar, trying to guess her stats ๐Ÿ™‚ oh how i love her! i had to take my bags up the 6 flights to nora’s apartment – once upon a time, mine as well. i hadn’t gone two floors when a food delivery man offered very kindly to carry my bag up. man, nyc, pulling out all the stops.

the music inn man and i chatted a bit about india and life and obscure bits of history before i bid him adieu and headed up again to the 6th floor.

my show was at 7:30 that night, so nora and i had some wine before heading over to sullivan hall, conveniently located just a few blocks away on sullivan st, of course! i can’t help but be reminded of the last show i played before i left the city in july. it had been such a perfect night in so many ways.

now it is way colder and different sort of night altogether, though very fun indeed, in its own way. wonderful friends and family came out and the bands i played with were friendly and genuine. the venue was new to me, but large and with a nice pa. the show was great – you can see some unedited videos of it here. (thanks nora ๐Ÿ™‚ i had so much fun seeing my peeps – including my former boss and current friend, craig dykers.

afterward a group of us got coffee and light nibbles at caffe reggio, one of the old guard of coffee shops in the village, where alexis and evangeline and i had been in august when we decided we would all go to burning man together.

the next day, i had to hit the ground running to fill out my visa application for india, including taking passport size photos and getting a money order.i saw jesse eisenberg of the social network and zombieland on the street. now if only andy samberg would walk my way . . . (what is it about funny jewish men?) sigh.

i got all my paperwork properly submitted, after two trips up to 53rd st and met friends from my old company out for drinks before nora and i went to see alexis perform with her improv troupe at the p.i.t. what fun!

we got yummy indian food after and walked back to the west village in a food-fog. mmm. delicious.

here’s hoping i’m on track for india – leaving wednesday! in the meantime, we’re going to the cloisters today and i’ll have several days to see friends in the city before my departure.

love and miss,



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