Summer Nights

Memorial weekend was cold and grey to begin with, which was no skin off my nose, since I was relishing my home time and planned to work on a commission for my good friend, Mary Caton Lingold and her new husband Eric Olsten. It was fun to immerse myself in the process and make something for such a joyous occasion as their wedding, which took place on May 31st in North Carolina, and which I was unable to attend.

The weather cleared up Sunday and I went over to my old neighborhood in Brooklyn to see my aunt and uncle for a moment before going to my friend Susanne’s house for a beautiful brunch.

Susanne sets a lovely table full of delicious things!

Susanne sets a lovely table full of delicious things!

Susanne and I met during the Tableau Vivant back in May 2011 and have been good friends since then. She hosts fabulous gatherings featuring her many various and interesting friends and this one also featured such delicious things for summer! Lemon rosemary scones with brie and watermelon salad and a kale caesar salad, oh goodness, I’d eat it all now! And oh so many bottles of rose.

My friend Anna came to join for a bit and then we headed into Brooklyn to go to the Tiki Disco at the Knockdown Center. On the way there, I noticed another person I remembered from the Tableau Vivant waiting on the L platform, Brian. I sidled up to him and it turned out we were heading to the same party, so our party became three. We got to the Knockdown Center, pretty much an old factory, where there was music, but also a gigantic line of people trying to get it. The wait was said to be about two hours and after 45 minutes Brian said he was going to try to sneak in with the help of a friend on the inside. After a few minutes he texted us that he had had success. We scampered from our place in line and went around to a side street where Brian’s text message told me to knock softly on the first door. we did so and voila, we were behind the scenes in the old factory.

We snuck back into the sunlight and no one was the wiser. The dancing was fun, but the sneaking in might have been better πŸ™‚

Anna at Tiki Disco

Anna at Tiki Disco

happy Brian

happy Brian

After dancing there for hours, the French boys we were with decided it was time to go to one of the clubs at the top of the Standard Hotel, Le Bain. Now, I had never been to Le Bain before, not being much of a club kid. But since I didn’t wanna be a baby about it, I went along. It was more fun than I expected – less fun that I need something to be for me to repeat it anytime soon. But I did have some good conversation in French, which was kind of a theme for the weekend.

Monday I didn’t have much in the way of plans, but in the end I went to a rooftop party with my friend Melinda and her boyfriend Dan and rubbed elbows with mostly Italians, a few Americans, and even a Frenchman, with whom I, of course, struck up a conversation.

That night Dave and I did our traditional pilgrimage to Union Pool to see the Reverend and then I went to bed, pretty darn tuckered from a fun and full weekend.

Tuesday night saw me at Barbes for the fabulous Slavic Soul Party and good times with a friend I hadn’t seen since last Memorial Day, dancing and meeting interesting people.

Wednesday, Dave and I spent some time in the apartment, testing out a device he made that vibrates sound through objects, turning surfaces into speakers. He was helping out for a fundraising event for a performance space called Original Music Workshop (OMW), which he helped design in the hood and the night’s events promised to be beautiful and star-studded. I got gussied up and joined for the after party around 9 just in time to hear some of Netsayi and her band Black Pressure. I’d never heard of her, but she was really talented – a Zimbabwean singer. They played “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and Bono stood up and gave them an ovation (yes, he was wearing his sunglasses). It was a sweaty evening, but the room was lovely, full of candles and tasteful decorations. Standing near one end of the room, a couple of times a violinist came through to perform and I seemed to be forever in his way, though he was most polite about it. It turns out he is a well-known virtuoso named Tim Fain.



I didn’t really learn that he is kind of famous till later. In the meanwhile, we chatted with Helena Christensen, who is also involved with the project. Julianne Moore had also been in attendance, but I didn’t get the chance to talk to her.

With Helena Christensen and Tim Fain

With Helena Christensen and Tim Fain

We all went out for drinks after and I talked with some very interesting people before we gave up and went home.

Thursday, I finally managed not to go out and I had planned to go to the Berkshires to hear Sarah Davis perform a concert of art songs in a plethora of languages. In the end, though, I was offered a modeling job and decided to stay in the city and be practical instead. 😦

Luckily, Sarah had planned to visit me in the city: we hadn’t seen each other in person since last August!

Friday I stopped by my old office to say goodbye to one of my former co-workers who is moving to L.A. It was nice to see everyone again. The office still feels so familiar! My friend Kim and I then went back to Brooklyn and spent some time on the roof (Dave joined for a minute but was exhausted from all of his activities and had to go to bed). Kim and I met up with her boyfriend closer to their house in Fort Greene and then I went on to Parkslope to see some Snohetta friends there. It was a merry party, though I arrived quite late. I had to get up early the next morning and not look too tired, but it was 3 by the time I got home and got to bed.

The next morning I took the convoluted train to Cobble Hill (G train construction – buh!) and made it, a little late, to my modeling gig. It was a beautiful morning and I enjoy thinking of different compositions for the artists. We took a break for coffee and bagels mid morning and then did another sitting. Then I trundled myself off to the Beauty Bar for an afternoon of manicures. Unfortunately, the beautiful weather kept people out of the bar till my shift was nearly over, but it isn’t a hard place to hang out for a few hours πŸ™‚

the manicure stations at the Beauty Bar

the manicure stations at the Beauty Bar



Sarah came in Sunday evening and we were both interested in a low-key evening, so we went out for a drink in the hood and made dinner at the house. Monday was grey again and Sarah needed to sleep. When we got going we walked around the neighborhood and did a little shopping at some cool local spots. In an almost ritual return, we went to Nitehawk Cinema just as the grey skies began to threaten to open. The last time I saw Sarah was in the middle of August last year, just before I commenced my roadtrip to Burning Man. We were going to see “Moonrise Kingdom” then, and it was raining then, too. This time we were seeing “Frances Ha” and I was surprised to find that it was set in a very familiar place and time for me, New York City, in the now, as an adult who’s not so adult :).

That night Sarah sang a bit for Dave and I and then we went to see the Reverend, but it was all too loud for Sarah and we gave up.

Tuesday we had a big to-do list to take care of and ran around Manhattan. We stopped by the Four Faced Liar for old time’s sake and then headed back to mi casa for dinner. We had talked about going to Slavic Soul Party, but in the end stuck close to home and dressed up in some of the fun things I brought back from India and Egypt.

Gypsies in the Hammock

Gypsies in the Hammock

Wednesday Sarah was set to head out. We made a mad dash to Manhattan for some last minute things and then she got her cab for the airport. I finished my present for MC and took it easy.

MC and Eric's wedding present :)

MC and Eric’s wedding present πŸ™‚

Last night I worked a catering job at Gotham Hall – a cool old bank now an event space. Paul Simon, one of this girl’s favorite songwriters of all time, was there and I could hardly resist grabbing him and just hugging him, but I guess it helped that I was carrying a serving tray.

All for now! Love and miss!



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